Joseph the Dreamer

Thursday, August 19, 2004

First dream

The first dream story I am going to tell is the one I just had last night. It's quite short but worth mentioning. And I will recount it just I dreamt or remember it.

"The street was a bit dark with lots of cars and pedestrians passing by. On thing amazing in the sight is that on one side of the street members of my family including my Mom (may she rest in peace) were sitting on the asphalt as if they were waiting for some movie to begin. I was confused because I couldn't see any screen on the other side of the street only cars honking as they bustle and hustle their way to beat the rush hour. Then the focus of my attention was fixed at the used, brownish wooden furnitures at the corner of the street. A few seconds passed our eldest brother bade us goodbye saying that he would go home with Mom. I was eager to accompany them but I don't know what made me stay. I was struck by the thought that I have some important things to do in the street. After that the dream began to fade as I only saw the rest of my family still sitting down on the street floor."

This dream is kind of weird since my mother is still alive, the inverse of the true and real situation. Maybe, she is still alive because in my mind she is and as most people would agree, it's difficult sometimes to forget easily a dead beloved person and better yet your own irreplaceable, one and only mother. My fear now is that since my brother accompanied my mother, would he be in a tight situation, in danger or sick? I pray to God that all is well with my brother. What do the used furnitures represent, the cars and the street? Perhaps I may not be able to answer this question right now or even in my lifetime but I know one of these days I can figure out some way to interpret them in my everyday adventure in this life.


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